How to Play Armada

Follow this quick start guide to begin your Armada hobby today!

Step 1. Access the free rules

Register on the Mantic Companion app for free, instant access to all the rules needed to starting playing the game. 

Rules on the Mantic Companion app are Live, so you'll always have access to the latest versions, formatted for all devices and supported by great features like Advanced Search.

Register for free


Step 2. Watch the How to Play video series


Step 4. Collect your models

Mantic produces a large range of great value Starter Fleets, Flier Boxes and Accessory Sets.

The 2 player starter set is a great way to get playing, and includes everything you need for you first game including models for 2 factions, 10-sided dice, 6-sided dice, tokens, terrain, Fleet Cards and the Rulebook.

Explore the Armada model range

Step 5. Build your Fleet

The official Armada List Builder lets you create, analyse and share your army lists to official tournaments and other players. It's free to get started!

Start Building

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