Salamanders - Armada

From the volcanic islands known as the Three Kings come the Salamanders. Reptiles whose blood burns with magical heat, they are formidable warriors who can be found across Pannithor. Each salamander is covered in toughened scales which are as effective as plate amour and sharp claws and teeth that can rend flesh. This all combines to make them fearsome warriors.

The exact details of the ritual are unknown to any save the secretive priests beneath the Three Kings who administer it and those who have endured it. All that is known is the effect—the fire within the individual Salamander is stoked to immense levels such that their eyes glow permanently and to stand in their presence is to be scorched by the intense heat that radiates from glowing cracks in their flesh. These individuals march with the power of their ancestors in their steps, and their wisdom in their every command. Much revered among their kind, they are looked to as leaders and great warriors in battle.

– lore snippet from 3rd Ed. Uncharted Empires Supplement

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