Kings of War: MathHammer

This tool gives you an average-based look at how well a single Kings of War unit will perform in one round of either Melee or Ranged combat.

Hint: For Units with variable attacks (such as a Giants D6 + 8 etc) substitute D6 for 3.5 (so 3.5 + 8 in the Giant's example) and D3 for 2.

Attacking Unit

# Attacks Melee / Ranged Stat Crushing / Piercing Thunderous Charge
Elite Vicious Brutal / Shattering Slayer / Rampage
Blast? Blast Stats Magic Artefact Points

Defending Unit

Defense Waver/Rout Fearless? Ensnare / Stealthy Inspired?


Facing / War Engine / Duelist Hindered Hill Charge Current Wounds




Wound On


Waver on

Rout on

Hits Distribution

Wounds Distribution


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