Free Kings of War Army List Builder

Build, analyse and share your army lists with the official list building app from Mantic Games.

Free Sign Up

2 Free Lists.


Nothing to install.

Mobile Friendly

Designed for all devices.

Multiple Exports

PNG, PDF, Text.

Math hammer Integration

Battle Stats for all Unit Sizes.

Smart Rules

Subscribe for all rules needed to play the list.

Public Lists

Rated public list repository.

Tournament Integration

Easily submit to tournaments.

Advanced Features:

  • Quick Create Army Lists for Kings of War.
  • Clash of Kings 22 ready.
  • List History - keep track of any given list's Wins, Draws and Losses with notes.
  • Expanded Stats including:
    • Total Unit Strength.
    • Main / Ally points distribution.
    • Artefact Points Usage.
    • Total Inspiring Units.
    • Troop, Irregular, Regiment, Horde and Legion, Monster and Hero counts.
    • Average Defense Value.
    • Ranged Shots count.
  • Custom, Special and Army rules output.
  • Full Library of Arcane Knowledge integration.
  • Spell, Rules and Artefact quick reference.
  • View mode for Desktop and Mobile devices.
  • Print Friendly output.
  • Quick add unit buttons.
  • Links to Mathhammer tool.

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