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Subscriptions and Accounts Explained

There are four account types in the Mantic Companion being: Free, Bronze, Silver and Gold.


The Mantic Companion has been built around a core of free features that provides casual and first time gamers everything they need to play. This includes:

  • The free version Kings of War rules*
  • The free version Deadzone rules*
  • The free version Firefight rules*
  • Up to 2 Kings of War list builder lists**
  • Up to 2 Deadzone list builder lists**
  • Up to 2 Firefight list builder lists**
  • Access to all public resources

*These are the identical to the full rules except for access to the advanced sections such as Scenarios, Spells etc. They update exactly inline with the paid version.
**The list output does not contain full Special Rule, Keyword, Spell or Artefact wording or Math-Hammer integration. Lists submitted to Tournaments in the Mantic Companion do not count towards the list limit.


Our Gold subscription includes everything in the Free, Bronze and Silver subscriptions for all games on the Companion. As we add more games into the Companion, the value of the Gold subscription will continue to increase.

Please note, we have structured our payment system to ensure you can never pay more than a Gold subscription. For example, purchasing two Bronze subscriptions for list builder access to two games is the same monthly fee as having a Gold subscription, and so you'll automatically be switched to that. 


Silver subscriptions include all content we provide for a single game. As well as everything in the free and Bronze tiers, you get:

  • Living Rulebook and all Supplement access for your chosen game
  • Tournament Organiser access for your chosen game

Silver subscriptions are perfect for a new player to the game, giving them access to all published content via a small subscription fee.


Bronze subscriptions are a "List Builder Only" subscription level for a single game. As well as everything in the free tier, you get:

  • Unlimited List Builder lists for your chosen game
  • All Special Rule, Keyword, Spell or Artefact wording in the list output for your chosen game
  • List Builder Math-Hammer integration for your chosen game

This subscription level is most useful for existing players that do not need rules access and play only one Mantic game.

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