Northern Alliance - Armada

The Winterlands are a cold and harsh land. Under the command of Talannar Icekin. The denizens of the Winterlands have banded together to defend their home. A Northern Alliance of Men, Elves and other creatures have been sighted in growing numbers.

In the comparatively little time that has passed since the construction of Chill, the Alliance has continued to build layers of defences around the city. Lines of watchtowers and outposts run throughout the Ice Mountains for scores of leagues in all directions. With the support and stability of Chill, and the aid of the ice queens, many smaller settlements have been established, garrisoned and protected by the armies of the Alliance. None have the stature and majesty of Chill, but each is remarkable in its own right and these offer a welcome sanctuary for weary travellers.

– lore snippet from 3rd Ed. Rulebook

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