Elves - Armada

Of all the folk that walk the realms of Pannithor, the elves are supreme. There are few beings as ancient as they and none who are as storied. It could be argued that their histories are the very histories of the world and that they are entwined with it, essential to it. There is nothing that is noble or valuable that has not
been mastered by the elves.

In the legends of the elves it is not the sword that shines brightest but the spear. Indeed, the elven word for ‘blade’ refers specifically to the long-bladed spears used for bringing down great beasts and monsters while the elvish for sword translates more directly to ‘shear’ or ‘scissor’ in the tongues of men. As a result, translated poetics of elven legend place swords in the hands of heroes which are then ‘braced against its master’s vault’ or ‘transfix four steeds abreast’ and other unlikely scenarios that bring forth much mirth from the elves that read them.

– lore snippet from 3rd Ed. Rulebook

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