Varangur - Armada

Forming the bulk of any Varangur war party, bands of tribal raiders comprise of a multitude of different men and women armed with an array of weaponry. The only consistency between each warband is their extreme resilience and hardiness, which are inherent traits of all northmen.

Korgaan’s bitter hatred of all dragonkind is a terrible grudge that is rooted in the time before, and of, the Celestians. If any descendant of one of the former Great Drakes is foolish enough to stray within Korgaan’s reach, its fate is to become captured, tortured, twisted, and deformed by Korgaan’s eternal spite. The resulting abominations are known as Jabberwocks. Each is different, mutated into ever more repulsive and mocking effigies of their former selves, stripped of their freedoms and bound to Korgaan’s malicious will.

– lore snippet from 3rd Ed. Uncharted Empires Supplement

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