How to use the Mantic Companion Tournament App


To add and run a tournament on the Mantic Companion, you must:

  1. Optionally add an Event to the Mantic Companion calendar.
  2. Add your Tournament in the Tournament Companion.
  3. Recieve / add attendees to the Tournament.
  4. Setup the Tournament.
  5. Run the Tournament.
  6. Optionally submit scores back to the linked Event.

1. Adding an Event to the Mantic Companion Calendar

Events and Tournaments are kept separate in the Mantic Companion. This is to allow:

To add an Event to the Mantic Companion Calendar, use the New Event Form.

Note: You will not be able to submit scores into the Ranking system without linking a Tournament to an Event.

2. Adding a Tournament

Tournaments can be added by any user on the Tournament Companion tool. Simply:

  1. Name the Tournament.
  2. Set the Tournament Points Limit.
  3. Set the amount of Rounds within the Tournament.
  4. Set the date the Tournament will take place.
  5. Set the List Submission deadline date.
  6. Optionally link this Tournament to an Event you have created. This will allow you to submit the final scores to the Ranking System by pushing the results to the Event.

3. Aquiring Attendees

Once a Tournament has been created, a unique code will be generated that can be found under the "Tournament" column, in the "My Tournaments" section of the Tournament Companion. This is the code you will need to distribute to allow attendees to submit their lists via the list building tools:

Removing a KoWBuild attendee from a tournament releases that list back to the user - it doesn't delete the list from KoWBuild.

Note: Do not use the remove Build list buttons to mark attendance - this is automatic in the attendance step when running the tournament.


Players who wish to attend the Tournament but cannot use the Mantic Companion can be added as an "External". To do this:

  1. Click the "Externals" button for the Tournament in the "My Tournaments" section of the Tournament Companion.
  2. Fill in the player's name.
  3. Add a Link to the list they've submitted (or leave blank if not recieved yet).
  4. Select the Main Faction that player is using, or leave as "Undecided" - you can select this during the Attendance Step when running the Tournament.

4. Setting up the Tournament

Once at least one player has been added as an attendee to the tournament, you'll be able to launch the Tournament Setup tool. On this page you can:

These settings are saved, and so can be set at any point before the Tournament begins. Once the tournament begins, YOU CANNOT MODIFY THE SCORING OR ROUNDS SETUP. SOFT SCORES CAN BE MODIFIED DURING THE TOURNAMENT.

A note about Soft Scores: When using Soft Scores, the final results will be split into 2 tables. The first table shows standings INCLUDING Soft Scores, the second table is WIHTOUT Soft Scores. When submitting scores to the Ranking System, Soft Score results will be ignored. 


When the Tournament day arrives, and the Tournament setup is complete, you can then click the "Launch Tournament Attendance" button. To complete the attendance and start the Tournament, you must:

  1. Check the "Arived?" checkbox for each player.
  2. Reconcile the Tables. This will randomly distribute players amongst Tables. 
  3. Swap Players as needed to avoid Team conflicts etc.
  4. Confirm and Start the Tournament.

Players using the Tournament Companion will be told the Attendance is now called and will be directed to see the TO. 

If Tables need altering after you launch the Tournament, you will another opportunity to do this during the Round 1 "Pre Round" phase. 

If you have an odd number of players, a SPARE player will automatically be added into the Tournament. 

5. Running Rounds

The phases of a Tournament are split into the following:

  1. Setup
  2. Attendance
  3. Pre Round
  4. Mid Round
  5. Complete

Steps 3 and 4, Pre Round and Mid Round are repeated for every round in the Tournament. 

Pre Round

During the Pre Round phase, players using the Tournament Companion will be directed to a Table and will be able to view their opponents List. Externals will still need directing, or can use the Live View link to see what table they should go to.

Once players are settled and any last minute table swaps are made, you can launch the Round.

Mid Round

In the Mid Round phase, players are playing out their games, then submitting scores to the TO either via the Tournament Companion, or directly to the TO.

When submitting via the Tournament Companion, players will enter scores for both themselves and their opponents. These scores will only be accepted if all figures match and both players confirm and agree. 

Player submited scores will appear automatically in the Round scores table - you as the TO do not need to enter these.

For games where at least one player is an External, you will need to enter their scores manually. To do this:

Once all scores for a round have been submitted, a "Close Round" button will appear to progress the Tournament onto the next Round's Pre Round phase.

Closed Rounds

When in any Pre Round phase, you have the ability to return to the previous round and ammend any scores to re-close (and potentially re organise players) the round. Once a Round progresses into the Mid Round phase, the previous round's scores are now locked. Mistakes can be addressed by adding / subtracting TP's from the current round.

6. Tournament COmpletion

After all rounds have been closed, you will now be able to assign and give out Awards and Soft Scores. 

If the Tournament has been attached to an Event, you will also be able to push these scores back to that Event. This will automatically add these scores into the Ranking System. If scores need adjusting from the final round, they can be re-submitted to the Event to overwrite any current scores. 

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