Rankings Calculations

Overall Score

Only a player's top four scores in the season count towards their overall score used for the Leaderboard.

Event Scores

Scores for a given event are calculated using:

Score = ((round_points + list_points + attendance_points) / players) * (players + 1 - position)

Round Points

In general, this ranking system is design to reward the most rounds played and won over a season. Rounds are worth points according to the following formula:

round_points = (10*rounds) + max(0, 2(rounds-2))

So greater numbers of rounds within a tournament are worth more points:

List Points

List points are a small addition to reflect the greater diversity of potential opponents lists at higher points levels. Each tier is worth a cumulative 5 points over the tier beneath it, starting at 5 points for 750 tier, the tiers being:

*Note: Divide the tier points levels by 10 for Deadzone tournaments.

Attendance Points

Larger events offer a greater potential opponent diversity in general, and winning a multi day event vs a large amount of players within a large amount of rounds at a high points level should be the most valuable. Each tournament tier is worth the following points:

Event Specific Bonuses

To keep the ranking system as level as possible, results will only be calculated using an events base scores (not including soft scores).

It can be reasonably asserted that the base level of commonality of Kings of War, Firefight and Deadzone tournament events is the scenario format, with TP being awarded via various scoring systems that remain unchanged from tournament to tournament. 

Therefor, any TP awarded in an event, that is specific to that event and no other, will be ignored. Final position will be dictated by the base scoring system only.

That is not to say we discourage event specific bonuses - narrative is always exciting! We will acknowledge where such positions may differ from the "On the day" positions for ranking purposes only. The Soft-Score-Inclusive score tables are still published on the tournament results and event results pages.

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