Kings of War Event: Florida Kings of War Tournament!! 02/11/23


Date Saturday 11th Feb 2023
Season 2023
Format 2300 points / 3 rounds
Location 2511 Old Vineland Rd, Kissimmee, FL 34746
Link Link
Tickets 16 available
Price $10



2300 point one day tournament! This event will be using the players pack from the Peachtree GT! Use this opportunity to get in some practice games with your list before going up to Atlanta for an awesome event!
Doors open at 10:00am; dice roll at 10:30am
Entry fee is $10 all of which goes directly into store credit prize support!
Saturday February 11th
10:00-10:15 ~ Registration and Pairings
10:15-12:30~ Game 1
12:30-1:00~ LUNCH BREAK
1:00-3:15 ~ Game 2
3:15-5:30 ~ Game 3
5:30 ~ Awards
The Kings of War 3.5 Edition will be in effect for all five rounds, as
well as the current Kings of War FAQ published by Mantic as of February
5th, 2023.
The optional rules for allies and withdrawals will be in effect. Allies
are still limited to 25% of the player’s army composition.
Round 1 pairings will be random, with Swiss pairings being used for Rounds
2 through 3.
Scores will be tabulated using battle points. Players can accumulate
up to 21 points per round in the standard Blackjack scoring system (14W-10T-7L),
with an additional 7 points available based on attrition and victory
point differential. Players will need to fill out provided scoring sheets
per round to track these scores.

To add a little zestiness to the normal gameplay, each player will
be provided with a small miniature of a mug of beer. During each round,
when the mission is announced, an alcohol-related magical artifact will
be announced. For that round only, that magical artifact may be added to
any single unit that could normally take that artifact for free, even if it
already has a magical artifact assigned.

The list of available artifacts will be:
Healing Brew
Mead of Madness
Chalice of Wrath
Dwarven Ale
Fire Oil
Terrain will be preset by the TO except for the two obstacles on each
table. After table sides have been selected, the player who chose table
sides will deploy their obstacle followed by the other player. Obstacle
deployment is done on the clock. Obstacles must be placed in contact
with another piece of terrain or at least 3” from any other terrain piece.
Obstacles may not be placed on top of other terrain pieces.
Players should evaluate their armies based on the provided rubric
and answer Yes or No to each category. Judging will occur both during
lunch and after the event on Saturday so armies will need to be set up for
display twice. At the completion of Round 3 on Saturday, players will submit
with their score sheets their vote for Player’s Choice army.
Out of the total number of points each player receives, up to 20 from
the Core Ratings section will be applied to their total for the Best Overall
rankings. The player with the highest paint points, including Advanced
Ratings, Player’s Choice and Judge’s Choice votes, will be awarded the Best
Painted award. In the event of a tie, most Player’s Choice votes will be the
first tiebreaker, most Judge’s Choice votes the second tie breaker. If still a
tie, the waitress at the event will select her favorite of the two.
Please submit lists to [email protected] on or before February 8th for bonus Sportsmanship scores. 


# Name Faction Ranking Score W/D/L Kills Kill %
1 Christopher James Undead 57.00 3/0/0 5140 74.49%
2 Cody R. Smith Riftforged Orcs 51.30 2/0/1 5050 73.19%
3 Jacob datta Forces of the Abyss 45.60 2/0/1 5950 86.23%
4 Keith Monach Abyssal Dwarfs 39.90 1/0/2 4445 64.42%
5 Faulkner Kingdoms of Men 34.20 2/0/1 3560 51.59%
6 Rick Parrish Salamanders 28.50 2/0/1 3760 54.49%
7 Bruce Monach Empire of Dust 22.80 1/0/2 4855 70.36%
8 Scott Rodda 17.10 0/1/2 3115 45.14%
9 Hobbytime Jay Halflings 11.40 1/0/2 2855 41.38%
10 Jim Livers Ratkin 5.70 0/1/2 2710 39.28%

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