Kings of War Event: Lonewolf Grand Tournament


Date Saturday 22nd Apr 2023
Season 2023
Format 2300 points / 5 rounds
Location 151 Centreport Boulevard Fort Worth, Texas 76155 USA
Link Link
Link Pack Link
Tickets 70 available
Price $78



Lonewolf GT has a rich history of epic competition, top caliber players and some of the coolest trophies around. We have continued that tradition for years, each new year bringing a chance to top the last. 

For decades, Lonewolf has stood as one of the premiere fantasy wargaming events in the south. Since the shift to Kings of War in 2016, Lonewolf has grown to be among the largest competitive Kings of War events in the world. Come be part of Texas Grand Tournament and Kings of War History!

Lonewolf's venue location is next to the one of the major travel hubs in the United States, long distance and international traveler simply need to hop onto the complimentary hotel shuttle from the DFW airport and you're ready to game! 

The LoneWolf Grand Tournament will be held on: April 22-23, 2023


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