Kings of War Event: Unbroken Oaths


Date Saturday 19th Nov 2022
Season 2022
Format 1495 points / 6 rounds
Location Tabletop Republic, High Wycombe
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Tickets 32 available
Price £20



Join the battle at Unbroken Oaths - a 2-day, 3-person team tournament for Kings of War at 1495 points! Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th November, 2022.
Rules for making a team:
Each team consists of three players. A team ticket is purchased as a single item and you will be required to enter the names and e-mail address of each player on the team upon booking.
There are no restrictions for alignment, i.e. the team can select and mix of "good", "neutral" or "evil" armies, however the same force may not be selected more than once. This is inclusive of any allies, e.g., if Undead have been taken by one team member they may not also be taken by another even as allies.
The total points allowance for each army is 1495 points and the selection restrictions for this points value from the Kings of War rulebook will be in place.
All armies must be painted and must adhere to at least "minimum model count".
The cost of a team ticket is £60, which is our standard 2-day tournament fee of £20 per player. Tickets can be purchased at the following link:

Please be aware of our refund policy before purchasing:
We cannot process refunds for any ticket cancellations that occur within 2 WEEKS prior to the event start date. Please ensure you are able to attend and are committed to the date before booking your ticket, it helps us run a smoother tournament and means we are not losing out having to refund late drop outs.

There is no lunch/dinner included in the ticket cost, there are a range of fine eateries in High Wycombe within walking distance of the venue.

How it works:
Each player on a team will play an individual game against another player from the opposite team, with the cumulative scores of each game being used to determine the ranking of the tournament.
The tournament will follow a standard swiss style round robin in which the first draw will be at random, followed by pairings by points scored. This will be both by team score, and then within the teams by individual score so that the highest scoring players from both teams will play in the following round, and so on. At the end of six rounds, the highest scoring team will be the tournament winners!

Scenarios will be rolled for by the tournament organiser on the day.
Table Size:

Unbroken Oaths is hosted by Tabletop Republic in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK.
Tabletop Republic
Chilterns Shopping Centre
High Wycombe
HP13 5ES

Parking and Accommodation:
Please note there is NO parking at the store. There are a multitude of public car parks that serve High Wycombe. Travelodge and Premier Inn have locations very close to High Wycombe high street so these are recommended for proximity.

The tournament will follow a straightforward scoring system:
15pts for a win
10pts for a draw
5pts for a defeat
First tie breaker will be total points killed throughout tournament
Second tie breaker will be NET points killed throughout tournament
(Points killed minus points lost.)

What to bring:
A painted army at 1495 points which adheres to the restrictions for duplicates at this point value as per the Kings of War rulebook.
A copy of the Kings of War 3rd edition rulebook
A copy of the 3rd edition Uncharted Empires (should your army be from that book)
A copy of the latest Clash of Kings publication
One printed army list
A chess clock or clock phone app
Measuring tape / measuring sticks

Every round both players are allocated 50 minutes of time each to complete their half of the game. Chess clocks or phone apps must be used to track this time.

Team Awards:
Unbroken Oaths Team Tournament Winners!
Runners Up
Third Place
Individual Awards:
Best Player
Most Points Killed
Best Painted Army

Saturday 19th
9am - Registration
9.30 - Game 1
11.30 - Lunch
12.30 - Game 2
14.30 - Break
14.45 - Game 3
17:00 - Close of Day 1
Sunday 20th
10.00 - Game 1
12.00 - Lunch
13.00 - Game 2
15.00 - Break
15.15 - Game 3
17:15 - Awards and Close


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