Kings of War Event: Kings of War at the LGT (KoW:LGT) : vXtH88VVMF


Date Saturday 30th Sep 2023
Season 2023
Format 2300 points / 4 rounds
Location Lee Valley Athletics Centre, London
Link Link
Tickets 120 available
Price £20



Kings of War returns to the LGT

Lists to be submitted by September 14th.  (Using this tournament code: vXtH88VVMF)

This will be a casual event, not ranked, with allies allowed, and no withdraw rule. 

There will also be a small Retail area where we will have for sale the brand new Twilight Kin - a week or two EARLY!  This will be the first chance to buy the new army. 



No results have been submitted for this event.

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