Kings of War Event: KBtW 11: Day of the DemonGogue


Date Saturday 18th May 2024
Season 2024
Format 2300 points / 3 rounds
Location Common Ground Games: 40 Cowane Street Stirling FK8 1JR
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Tickets 24 available
Price £25



One day - 3 Games - 2300 points - Defeat the Demongogue!
It's the standard fare folks, Entry will include lunch A La Common Ground.
There is a great evil sweeping the land, a disgusting heaving mass of putrid Demon flesh has been crawling around infecting the populace with angst and insanity. Some want to stop it for the sake of the people, some want to capture it to use for their own nefarious ends.
Regardless of your armies disposition whosoever deals the most damage to it during your battles will gain an additional 5VP's that's a max boost of 15 extra VP's available across the course of the day.
The Disgusting, Horrifying Pile of Filth will start in the dead center of the board each match, beware though it has it's own defenses. It will move at random, activating first during each shooting phase, if it hits a unit it counts as a charge in whichever flank it hits.
We will provide each table with the Demongogue and a D8 to randomly determine its path.
See Event Pack for full stats.
There will of course be the standard trophies and prizes for best army and best Mantic Army. 
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