Kings of War Event: Return of the Kings Qualifiers Part 1


Date Sunday 21st Apr 2024
Season 2024
Format 2300 points / 3 rounds
Location HammerHouse Retail & Gaming Store Singapore - 24B Temple St, Singapore 058569
Tickets 10 available
Price SGD15



Due to overwhelming response, we will split the tournament into 2 qualifiers and a finals! Event will run from 10.30am to 7pm on each day. Able to take in 8-10 youngblood players per sission.

21 Apr (Sun) 

12 May (Sun)

Youngblood Qualifiers : 2 dates to choose from. Newer players can opt for 12 May to have a longer runway to practice the game.

Top 2 of each qualifier will face off in finals, 1st 2 rounds only youngbloods face each other to crown 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th.
6 Veterans will play in vets bracket in 1st 2 rounds, and be matched with Youngblood finalists for Round 3 based on tournament points - total 10 players.



No results have been submitted for this event.

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