Kings of War Event: War Kings III - Return of the War King


Date Saturday 12th Nov 2022
Season 2022
Format 2300 points / 5 rounds
Location Game Table Adventures - 400 Granville Street Newark, OH 43055
Link Link
Link Pack Link
Tickets 40 available
Price $50



War Kings GT is back, this time at Game Table Adventures in Newark Ohio.  Tournament Code 5uWJt00TIb

We will be testing the new Mantic Tournament Software - so please submit a list using the above tournament code so we can have all the players registered in the app (this list can be anything (just keep with the same army please) since we aren't using the new updates.  However right now the ONLY way to have a player listed for a tournament is for them to submit a list).

2300 pts (5 rounds, 2 days), using CoK 2022 (NOT the big red One-Book-To-Rule-Them-All, because there are still people that have yet to get it).  You also get a FREE War King in your army, who will be involved in scenarios for every game.  The War King is either Cavalry or Large Infantry model, with a free stat increase, aura and unique magical artifact (made from combining up to 3 artifacts (50 pts total limit)).

Awards for Best War King, Best Appearance, Favorite Army, Jesse Cornwall Sportsman Award, Best General and of course Overall Champion.


No results have been submitted for this event.

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