Date Saturday 5th Nov 2022
Season 2022
Format 2150 points / 5 rounds
Location Edmonton, Ohio
Tickets 24 available
Price £20



A 2 (and a bit) day extravaganza of Kings of War festivities in the glorious city of Edmonton. Come and enjoy prairie hospitality along side some excellent gaming.


We will be playing 5 games over 2 days (3 Saturday, 2 Sunday) at 2150 points V3 with CoK22 rules in place. Scenarios will be from the main rulebook, but each will have a slight twist based around the theme of the Bard. As well, each player will have their choice of 3 different bards to support their forces (for free) or a special “bard killer” for those who cannot stand those charismatic fellows.


We have space for 24 players currently. Armies should be painted and based to a minimum 3 colour standard. Minimum model count (50% 1 models in most cases) is sufficient. Models should be a reasonable representation of what a unit should be. If you have questions, feel free to contact the event organizer if you’re worried!


Registration will include your choice of 3D printed bard miniature, lunch on Saturday, and covering the cost of the venue. There will be trophies for “best ofs” in various categories along with prize support from various suppliers. Open gaming and set up will be available on Friday night and it is planned to hit the town on the Saturday night for grub and grog.


Located in the heart of the Canadian Prairies, Edmonton has a thriving gaming scene, but we want you to come and experience it for yourself! This is our first 2-day event and we’d love to have people come and check it out.


More information will be posted as we get closer to the date. If interested, feel free to listen to the Counter Charge episode featuring 2 of our members talking a bit about our scene.


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