The Hand of The Seven - Deadzone

The Council of Seven rule the GCPS absolutely, overseeing the prospects of the Seven major corporations that govern the spheres of prosperity.  They alone know the full risks the galaxy bears, and they have failsafes in place to ensure the correct path for continued prosperity in an ever hostile environment.

Enter, The Enforcers.  Genetically superior, and completly obedient, they are the military fist of the Council.  The Hand of the Seven are chosen from the most elite of the Enforcer Corps, acting as a seperate unit when tasked with vital missions, either to extract fallen assets, or terminate threats. 

Monarch leads this unit and her actions are dictated and carried out without contest.  Her unit is equipped with the best, and has all the right skills to tackle any stronghold, and retrived any asset the Council deem necessary. 

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