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Tersia Revolutionaries

Ector Zanchez did not seek a life of crime.  He didn’t seek leadership either.  Despite being born on Tersia Prime, a fume-choked, resource-starved spoil world in the Hanson sector, Ector dreamed of greatness.  Rather than choose a short life in the military, or a slightly longer one chasing work in what was left of Tersia Primes Industries, he played DreadBall.  It was the ‘Xtreme’ version, played in sweat-soaked warehouses and on oil-stained wastelands, and Zanchez’s team, owned and managed by the Teraton Kraato Gon, were ordered to lose as often as win.  When the fix is in, it’s in.  Zanchez played his part, was an obedient soldier, ad made the most of the fame his position afforded.  Still, his loyalty was not enough to protect him from the dangers inherent in the game.  An ‘accident’ involving an acid filled booby trap left him close to death and it was only the quick intervention of medi-bots, paid for by a mysterious benefactor, that saved him.  He lived, and he recovered.  When he awoke from a medically induced coma, Ector found his body covered with disfiguring scars from head to toe.  Perhaps worse still, he now found himself in the debt of the one of the most wanted criminals in the galaxy: Blaine.  

That debt would eventually be called upon, and after the liberation of Kyoorani Prime, Ector found himself in the middle of a growing movement to free more planets from the grasp of GCPS rule.  This time round, Blaine had other plans for Ector.  Others from his Xtreme background were recruited, perhaps via similar ‘debts’ to Blaine, to fan the fires of revolution.  Tersia Prime was to be taken back from GCPS control, it’s pitiful state to return to the people, and Ector was to lead the charge, willing or not.

Once considered a rising talent and player to watch, Lyra was once the assassin slave of a crime lord and true to her roots, once her on pitch prospects dried up, she returned fully to the life she knew before.  Promised with the hope of buying her own freedom, her mysterious new benefactor has tasked her with finding and ensuring the Revolutions new leader achieves his task, otherwise, she is there to fix it either way. 

Ector had very few people he trusted within the Xtreme circuit, but one those he did was a mechanic working for Kraato Gon, Lydia Winger.  Never satisfied with just being on the side-lines, Lydia became a regular fixture leading her team of bots – and when not playing, she was always pushing her skills and trying to improve the constructs given to her.  After Ector woke and understood his new ‘benefactor’ had given him a chance to help Tersia Prime, Lydia was his first port of call.  With her, also comes her personal training bots, reconfigured Jetari class DZ66 – the bigger and more durable versions of the Jetari Class GL14 Bruiser bots they made use of in the leagues.  Lydia truly believes in the revolution, and fights for the cause more than anyone else on the Tersia Revolutionaries roster.

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