Rebs - Deadzone

Not everyone is happy to toe the corporate line and buy into the Council’s endless propaganda HD Vids, though to describe the Rebellion as an organisation would be to somewhat exaggerate the matter. More of a movement, the Rebellion is the figurehead that people of all species turn to when their disillusionment at the Council’s rule becomes too much.

Some join from an innate sense of justice, others because their homes or even their people have been destroyed by war or expansionism and corporate greed, still others just to have an excuse to fight. Regardless, the Rebellion counts many species in its ranks, from standard humans to Yndij hunters, Teraton warriors and Grogan mercenaries.

The huge territory of the GCPS, and the power wielded by the Council mean that the Rebellion operates in distinct cells, each of which has its own culture, rules of engagement and even objectives. Some are mostly human gangs run by xenophobic ex-corporation men, others are motley crews of various species flung together. Some try and work towards a common goal with other groups, while others strike out on their own.

The common factor is that they will take any opportunity to spit in the eye of the Council and the Corporations, whatever their personal reasons, and a Deadzone represents the opportunity to do just that, with the added bonus of offering the chance to loot some supplies, liberate some technology, or save some local lives, depending on the priorities of the particular group. Their weapons and equipment tend to be as varied as their composition, which is not to say that they are ineffective.

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Multi-Alien Appeal

Only those who excel at guerrilla tactics and hit and run warfare tend to last any length of time as Rebs, and only the very best of those will be at the level to obtain the necessary intelligence and transport to access a Deadzone.

The GCPS has many enemies from the disillusioned and maligned species it has subjugated. This malcontent is a ripe recruitment field for the Rebs who bring the widest range of alien types of all the factions. They have an answer for everything – you want combat? Go Teratons, Kraaw and Sorak. You want shooting? Go snipers, Spyhr Lancers and mortars. You want a mixture of options? Then get everything – the Rebs are pretty cheap, so you should easily have enough points!

Speed & Shock

Fast drones and Yndij can grab early objectives, while the ability to move and shoot with your snipers is the envy of all other factions. Heavy support with Teratons and Shock Troopers will ruin anyone’s day and pity the fool who forgets about your lowly Reb troopers.


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