Mazon Labs - Deadzone

On the surface Mazon Labs is one of the biggest pharmaceutical corporations within the GCPS. Its glossy HD vids regularly play between DreadBall rushes and show happy scientists busy working in glistening, clean laboratories. The company’s slogan ‘for a better galaxy’ heralds its much talked about quest to stamp out disease using new antibiotics based on the spores, fungi and alien lifeforms the GCPS discovers in its quest to reach further into space.

However, scratch beneath the shining surface of Mazon Labs and you’ll quickly find something far darker. Its facilities are guarded by some of the GCPS’ deadliest rangers and it’s not uncommon to see a Strider patrolling the boundary. It’s not clear if the rangers and Striders are there to keep intruders out, or to keep something else in.

Although some of the scientists are engaged in using their discoveries for the betterment of mankind, the majority are working hard to weaponize their findings. These new pathogens can then be sold on the black market to the highest bidder and quickly find their way into combat situations. It’s not uncommon to see empty Mazon-branded canisters alongside shell casings on a battlefield.

With an unknown amount of Mazon research facilities spread across numerous planets, those in their employ are often caught up in the chaos of a Containment Protocol. Mazon press statements brush over the fact the initial outbreaks are frequently situated near their facilities – claiming it’s pure coincidence.

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Variety is the Splice of Life

Take a little bit from the GCPS, add a dash of Plague… and why not throw in a gentle sprinkling of cyborgs too? The Mazon Labs are one of the most varied factions in Deadzone and have a unit to deal with every situation.

Good Science

The humble lab tech just trying to finish their PhD in experimental bio research is perfect for grabbing objectives… and at 7pts, they’re fairly dispensable. While they’re holding the objectives, the Plague Victims can be running forward to hopefully engage the enemy before they start shooting.

Beasts Unburdened

When you need a bit more oomph, you can send in the beastly Aberration or the horrifying Krastavor. Both are good attack options that are capable of causing real damage.

Borg Born

A new addition in Third Edition is the inclusion of Cyborgs. These are little more resilient (literally) than the other troops and may surprise your opponent by just how hard they are to take down. They may not be fast, but the Specialist option has AP2 and Frenzy (1) so is perfectly capable of taking on stronger enemies.


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