Deadzone Event: A D8 with Deadzone


Date Saturday 4th Feb 2023
Season 2023
Format 150 points / 4 rounds
Location 2 Pool Court, Pasture Road DN14 6HD Goole
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Link Pack Link
Tickets 16 available
Price £5



Make a D8 with Deadzone. A Valentines themed Deadzone tournament for 16 players.
4 games of Deadzone for 150 point strike teams with special thematic Valentines rules.
Can your strike team claim the objectives and defeat their enemies whilst avoiding the amorous advances of their own team mates or the enemy?
Meet the gaze of the opposition as you play with your tiny member (of your strike team, I'm referring to the miniatures, sheesh! )
Make a d8, a D8 with Deadzone!
Reserve your place for only £5


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