Deadzone Event: Esstii-El Deadzone Campaign


Date Saturday 2nd Dec 2023
Season 2023
Format 500 points / 6 rounds
Location Miniature Market Cave Springs, 1077 Cave Springs Blvd., St. Peters, MO 63376
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Welcome to Esstii-El

The planet Esstii-El has been rocked by a cataclysmic earthquake and now swarms of Nameless invadeing what is left. With Containment Protocols put in place, everyone is decending on Esstii-El looking to take what they can before the Nameless takes it all.

Join us at the Cave Springs location of Miniature Market in St. Louis, MO with a 500 point Battlegroup and play in 100-point games as part of a campaign using the campaign rules in the Deadzone 3rd edition rule book. After 6 games, we are crownign a winner... or playing some sudden death playoff games.

The group meets at 2pm - 5pm on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month. New players welcome.

Dates of campaign play:


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