Mantic Companion API

URL Location and Structure

All calls to the Mantic Companion API must use the following URL format:<game_prefix>/<game_object>/?api_key=<API_KEY>[&optional_params]


Return Data

All data from the API is returned as a JSON string. Every connection will return at least a "success" key in the JSON object. If "success" is false, an "error_message" key will also exist.


Connection to the Mantic Companion API will occur with the presence of a valid API key sent as the URL parameter "api_key". Any request may return the following error states when attempting to authenticate:

Error header code Message Action
403 Forbidden No API Key sent Ensure the api_key parameter is set
401 Unauthorised API Key invalid The sent API key is not valid - send a valid API key
404 Not Found API URL must contain sub-directory of one of the following: arm, dz, ff, kow Ensure the URL game_prefix is one of arm, dz, ff, kow

Testing the connection

A useful end point for any game_prefix is "help", for example: The "help" endpoint details all endpoints for that game_prefix:

"success": true,
"message": "End points for dz",
"end_points": [

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