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What is Kings of War 3rd Edition?

Kings of War is the table top wargaming miniatures range and game from Mantic Games. Rally your forces to fight in the best and biggest fantasy mass battle game.

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Upcoming Events

[KoW] Kings of Oslo GT
Saturday 4th Feb 2023
[KoW] Plymouth Pirates 4th
Saturday 4th Feb 2023
[KoW] Regional Andalucia 2023
Saturday 4th Feb 2023
[KoW] The Calm Before The Storm
Friday 10th Feb 2023
[KoW] Florida Kings of War Tournament!! 02/11/23
Saturday 11th Feb 2023
[KoW] Hoosier Storm
Saturday 11th Feb 2023
[KoW] In the Mood for Love
Saturday 11th Feb 2023
[KoW] Ambush at the Sieg`s crossing 1
Sunday 12th Feb 2023
[KoW] Melee at Shiloh
Saturday 18th Feb 2023
[KoW] The Pilgrimage
Saturday 4th Mar 2023
[KoW] Bayou Battles XIX
Saturday 4th Mar 2023
[KoW] Adepticon Team Tournament
Thursday 23rd Mar 2023
[KoW] Gudaberria II
Saturday 25th Mar 2023
[KoW] Titanen Olympiade 25.03.2023
Saturday 25th Mar 2023
[KoW] Adepticlash 2023
Saturday 25th Mar 2023
[KoW] Bullrun 3 - a Cock and Bull Story
Sunday 26th Mar 2023
[KoW] Angry Grot - There can be only One!
Sunday 2nd Apr 2023
[KoW] Lonewolf Grand Tournament
Saturday 22nd Apr 2023
[KoW] Shroud of the Reaper - Aces & 8s II
Saturday 6th May 2023
[KoW] Orc Town GT IV
Saturday 3rd Jun 2023
[KoW] Pride of the Shire II: Shire Shenanigans
Sunday 11th Jun 2023
[KoW] Kings of Herts XVII: Fundraiser Weekend (Singles)
Saturday 24th Jun 2023
[KoW] Kings of Herts XVII: Fundraiser Weekend (Doubles)
Sunday 25th Jun 2023
[KoW] CONVIC 2023
Saturday 15th Jul 2023
[KoW] Clash of Kings UK 2023
Saturday 9th Sep 2023
[KoW] Kings of War at the LGT
Saturday 30th Sep 2023
[KoW] Shroud of the Reaper - Slay Bells Ring II
Sunday 3rd Dec 2023
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