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What is Firefight 2nd Edition?

Set in and around the Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere, Firefight is an immersive and exciting tabletop game of futuristic battles fought on alien worlds and in the warzones of the future.

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The Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere

Over the centuries, humanity has spread inexorably into the far reaches of space. Since the creation of the Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere (GCPS), humanity’s touch has never been felt so keenly and by so many. The sphere now encompasses myriad planets and hundreds, if not thousands, of different species. Some join the Sphere willingly, while others resent the GCPS and bide their time, waiting for humanity to fall or prepare to take their own revenge. Memories of Old Earth are but a shadow, lost in a haze of light speed and technological  advancement. Now there are only two things that drive humanity: progress and profit.


  • FAST-PACED – with alternating activations and intuitive rules for measurement and movement, Firefight is fast and furious.
  • DYNAMIC DECISIONS – the innovative Orders mechanic allows you to issue special rules on the fly, in order to react to your opponent.

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The official Firefight List Builder lets you create, analyse and share your Strike Force lists to official tournaments and other players. It's free to get started!

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Saturday 24th Jun 2023
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Sunday 1st Oct 2023
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Saturday 28th Oct 2023
[FF] Northern King Kon - Firefight 500pts (Friday)
Friday 24th Nov 2023
[FF] Northern King Kon - Firefight 1500pts (Saturday)
Saturday 25th Nov 2023
[FF] Rayguns and Rocketluanchers '24
Saturday 13th Jan 2024
[FF] Fall of Estilias
Sunday 31st Mar 2024
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